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A Number of Changes

Recently we have made a number of changes that everyone needs to know about.

First, the phone number for SPCUG has been changed. For the last year we have been using MagicJack for our phone service. That saved us quite a bit of money over the VOIP service we had been using. We have now moved to Google Voice which is free. The only disadvantage to switching to Google Voice is that we cannot maintain our old phone number. Our new number is 941-677-0246.

May Presentation
[General Meeting ::: Wednesday,  May 7, 2014]

APCUG Spring Virtual Technology Conference    ...Click»
  What's All This About A Bleeding Heart?   ...Click»
Microsoft Ends XP and Office 2003   ...Click» What Should I do?   ...Click»      
Rejoice! The Start Menu Is Coming Back!    ...Click»
   Security Alert: Bogus IRS Calls   ...Click»
The Internship Comedy movie about Google starring Vince Vaughn/OwenWilson   1h58m  (YouTube)
Your Computer: Leave It On Or Turn It Off?   ...Click»

Need help with a computer problem?  Since our primary mission to our members is education, we're here to help!  Talk to one of our volunteers who are on the "Members Helping Members" team.  ...Click»                 Computer Help Desk open 6:15 - 6:45 at the General Meeting in the cafeteria
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